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Real Housewives of Horror Season 1 Premiere

brea grant

In anticipation of the new season of Real Housewives of Horror, the pilot has been re-released on 

I can't express how much fun this project has been. Everyone on board has been amazing and the experience itself has been life-changing. That may sound weird to say about a parody show in which women are married to ghosts but I truly mean it. 

Thank you to Nerdist, Sandeep Parikh, Kevin Pereira and the amazing Real Housewives - Brooke Seguin, Laura Ortiz, Briana Lane, and Jessika Van. You are all the world to me. This project has made me love filmmaking once again and made me so so happy on a daily basis. Love you all. 

Please GO HERE to check it out. 

Here is a gif of me (yall know I love a gif!) that a genius made that I call "Cunt does this every time." (For more RHOH gifs, go here.)