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More things about Best Friends Forever!

brea grant

My life is consumed with all things Best Friends Forever right now. So please forgive the unrelenting tweets and updates on the release.  

I did the Radio Dan show last week and chatted about pretty much everything ever. But specifically Best Friends Forever, Smothered, and movies. Link is here. 


Vera and I did the Film Pulse podcast.  We chatted about shooting on Super 16 in the middle of a desert with only 1400 feet of film to shoot a day. And what happens when you run out. 



A few reviews that we love - Ain't It Cool NewsMatchFlick , and Over da Edge.

We are now available for rent on Amazon and other cool places. And we're doing great on iTunes!

Vera and I did a Google Hangout to answer all the questions we were getting about the movie. You can watch it below. We are planning another one so we can get to all your questions! 

I also interviewed Vera while I cooked a casserole for her to eat. Hope you enjoy it as much as she liked that casserole. AM I RIGHT?