Best Friends Forever

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is a clever dark comedy and heartfelt road trip buddy film wrapped in an apocalyptic disaster story, with two badass girls. Harriet, a perpetually optimistic comic-book artist, dreams of escaping her past in Los Angeles and hits the road for a new life in Austin, Texas.  She drags Reba, her seemingly devil-may-care BFF, along for the ride.  In the hush period following mysterious nuclear explosions, the girls are forced to ask: When faced with the end of the world - what is most important to you?

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Harriet, a comic book artist with a secret, and her reckless BFF, Reba, take their ’76 AMC Pacer on the open road and their friendship gets a wild ride towards an impending nuclear apocalypse.

"A crowd-pleaser for the generation that grew up on midnightmovies, underground B&W comics, indie music and thrift store shopping!" - Ben Umstead, Twitch Film

Directed by Brea Grant

Written by Brea Grant and Vera Miao

Starring Brea Grant and Vera Miao

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